News Archive 2017

This lists recent 2017 news items, with the most recent items first. For current news, see the right sidebar on the home page. For older news items, see the news archive for 1998-2016.

Note : a news item is deleted from this list when a newer related news item is added; e.g., the news item reporting the release of Firefox 2 was deleted when Firefox 3 appeared.


This lists 2017 news items which have not been updated:

Mozilla Firefox Apr 19/2017 - Mozilla Firefox 45.9.0 ESR: Mozilla updated the ESR version of Firefox 45 to fix security issues. ESR users should update. [more…] [more…] [get it…]
Oracle Java Viperware Apr 18/2017 - Oracle Java SE 8u131: Oracle updated Java 8 (alias 1.8) to fix bugs and security issues. Users should update, and should also uninstall unneeded older versions. [more…] [get 8u131…]
Adobe Reader ViperwareUpdate problem Apr 11, 2017 - Adobe Acrobat Reader DC 2017.009.20044: Adobe updated Acrobat Reader to fix security issues. Users should update. [more…] [get it…]
Microsoft Silverlight Viperware Apr 11/2017 - Microsoft Silverlight 5.1.50906.0: Microsoft updated its Silverlight media player to fix security issues. Users should update. [get it…] or [windows update…]
Microsoft Windows Apr 11/2017 - Microsoft Windows Vista: Microsoft ended support of Windows Vista. [more…]
iCab Mar 17/2017 - iCab 5.8.3 // MacOS 10.7–10.12: iCab updated its Mac browser to fix a MacOS 10.12 (Sierra) bug. Users should update. [more…] [get it…]
Adobe Shockwave Viperware Mar 14/2017 - Adobe Shockwave Adobe updated Shockwave to fix a security issue. [more…] [get it…]
Adobe Reader Jan 19/2017 - Adobe Acrobat Reader Extension for Chrome: Adobe updated the Acrobat Reader extension for Chrome to fix security issues. Users should update. [get it…]
The PHP Group Jan 19/2017 - PHP 5.6.30: the PHP Group updated PHP 5.6; v5.6 users should update. [more…] [get it…]


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