News Archive 2016

This lists recent 2016 news items, with the most recent items first. For current news, see the right sidebar on the home page. For older news items, see the news archive for 1998-2015.

Note : a news item is deleted from this list when a newer related news item is added; e.g., the news item reporting the release of Firefox 2 was deleted when Firefox 3 appeared.


This lists 2016 news items which have not been updated:

Apple MacOS Sep 1/2016 - Apple MacOS 10.10: Apple updated MacOS to fix security issues. Yosemite users should update. [more…]
Apple Safari Sep 1/2016 - Apple Safari 9.1.3 // MacOS 10.9: Apple updated Safari 9 to fix a security issue. Mavericks users should update. [more…]
Microsoft Windows 10 Aug 31/2016 - Microsoft Windows 10: Microsoft is rolling out two updates for Windows 10: another cumulative update to fix problems in the Aug 2 Anniversary Update; and an Adobe Flash update to fix a reliability problem. [windows update…]
iCab Aug 4/2016 - iCab 5.7 // MacOS 10.7-10.11: iCab updated its Mac browser. Users should update. [more…] [get it…]
The PHP Group Jul 21/2016 - PHP 5.5.38: the PHP Group updated PHP 5.5; v5.5 users should update. [more…] [get it…]
Sun Java Viperware Jul 19/2016 - Oracle Java SE 8u102: Oracle updated Java 8 (alias 1.8) to fix bugs and security issues. Users should update, and should also uninstall unneeded older versions. [more…] [get 8u102…]
Unicode Consortium Jul 19/2016 - Unicode 9.0.0: the Unicode Consortium published the Unicode 9 Core Specification.
Adobe Reader ViperwareUpdate problem Jul 12/2016 - Adobe Acrobat Reader DC 15.017.20050: Adobe updated Acrobat Reader to fix security issues. Users should update. [more…] [get it…]
Unicode Consortium Jun 22/2016 - Unicode 9.0.0: the Unicode Consortium updated the Unicode Standard; the HTML character set is essentially Unicode. [more…]
Adobe Air Viperware Jun 16/2016 - Adobe Air 22 // Windows: Adobe updated its Air runtime for Windows to fix a security issue. Users should update. [more…] [get it…]
Apple MacOS Jun 13/2016 - Apple OS X MacOS: Apple has renamed OS X to MacOS. [more…]
Apple QuickTime Apr 15/2016 - Apple QuickTime RIP? It may be time to uninstall Quicktime from Windows PCs, since it is little used and it has security issues which may not be fixed. [more…]
SeaMonkey Mar 14/2016 - Mozilla SeaMonkey 2.40: Mozilla updated SeaMonkey to add features, fix bugs, and fix security issues. Users should update. [more…] [more…] [get it…]
Microsoft Internet Explorer Jan 12/2016 - Microsoft Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10: with minor exceptions, Microsoft ended support of IE 8-10. Users should upgrade to the latest version of Internet Explorer supported by their operating system. [more…] [more…]
Microsoft Windows Jan 12/2016 - Microsoft Windows 8: Microsoft ended support of Windows 8. Users should upgrade to Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. [more…]
Apple QuickTime Viperware Update problem Jan 7/2016 - Apple QuickTime 7.7.9 // Windows: Apple updated its media player for Windows Vista and 7 to fix security issues. Users should update. Caution: this will install Apple update software, even if you don’t want it. [more…] [get it…]


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