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This page presents recent news about fonts. This is also the home page of the font pages listed in the lighter blue menu bar above.

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NB: some fonts are free for personal use, but not for commercial use; if you use a free font for a website, make sure it is free for commercial use … and make sure by checking the copyright information in the font files, many sources of ‘free’ fonts down­load font files which are not truly free for commercial use, or which may not be embedded.

NB: when downloading fonts, you should download the latest versions; but it is very hard to determine which version is the most recent, because font sources rarely publish update dates, and because font version vectors are rarely updated; if the font is available on Google fonts, for example, there is a very good chance that the font is out-of-date; if the font is available on GitHub, on the other hand, the font is likely up-to-date.

NB: coding fonts reported here in the font news sidebar should be monospace in the re­gular weight; header fonts should have regu­lar, bold, & extra-bold (or black) weights; body fonts should have regular, semi-bold, & bold weights.

NB: a font is deemed a ‘basic’ if it has regular & bold weights, b ‘good’ if regular, semi-bold, & bold weights, c ‘great’ if regular, semi-bold, bold, & extra-bold (or black) weights, and d ‘rich’ if 9 or more weights.

NB: one downside to using free fonts is that, unlike software updates, it can be hard to learn when font updates appear. Font makers rarely update font version numbers. And font news sources may not always report updates, or report them in a timely manner.


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