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This gives website designers news about browsers and design, helps find browsers, offers design resources, reports Internet statistics, and has a virtual store with tools for building effective websites. First published in Sep 1998, this is updated each Saturday, with the news sidebar (below) updated daily.

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The Browsers

This focuses on major browsers, and on browsers wanted to test websites: Apple Safari, Google Chrome, iCab, Konqueror, Lynx, Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla & Friends (Firefox, SeaMonkey, etc.), Opera, and Vivaldi.

Note : there is a lot of very good detailed information elsewhere about browsers, and there is no point in “reïnventing the wheel”, so the Browser News will link to the details, not repeat them. When a new browser appears, for example, the Browser News announces it, with links to sites which offer details.

Bits & Pieces

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Interested in news about software security issues? Click here:

Security News

Your Browser(anchor)

This lists information about your browser. It is mainly of interest to those who wish to make browser-detection scripts.

Note : more details are available on the Resources > Your Browser page.

Note : some browsers report the major version number only; minor version numbers are hidden. For example, Internet Explorer 11.0.35 wrongly reports that it is Internet Explorer 11.0, and Firefox 49.0.1 wrongly reports that it is Firefox 49.0. This makes it impossible for browser sniffers to report the correct version numbers.


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