This lists current browser news items — i.e. those items listed on the home page — with the latest items first. This page’s major purpose is to hold recent news­items until they are old enough to be moved to News 2019 News Archive.

For font news, see the Fonts News page.


This lists recent news­items which haven’t been updated:

Microsoft Windows 10
Dec 6/2019 ✦ Microsoft Windows 10: Microsoft will push Win­dows 10 1909 onto Win­dows 10 1809 users. moreWin­dows Update
Dec 4/2019 ✦ Mozilla Thunderbird 68.3.0: Mozilla updated its email/newsreader pro­gram to add features & fix bugs. moreupdate
Dec 4/2019 ✦ Opera 65.0.3467.62: Opera Software updated Opera to fix bugs. NB: poor brow­ser snif­fers may say Opera 65 is Sa­fa­ri — or Chrome 78. moremoreup­date
Mozilla Firefox
Dec 3/2019 ✦ Mozilla Firefox 71.0: Mozilla updated FF to add features, fix bugs, & fix security issues. moremoreup­date
Mozilla Firefox
Dec 3/2019 ✦ Mozilla Firefox 68.3.0ESR: Mozilla updated FF ESR to fix bugs & security is­sues. moremoreupdate
Dec 1/2017 ✦ PrintMyFonts: Stefan Trost updated the PrintMyFonts utility. get it.
Nov 30/2019 ✦ JPEGcrop 2019.11: JPEGclub updated JPEGcrop. update
Nov 29/2019 ✦ CaLibre 4.5: the CaLibre team updated its eBook software. update
The PHP Group
Nov 28/2019 ✦ PHP 7.4.0: the PHP Group issued PHP 7.4. moreupdate
Nov 26/2019 ✦ FileZilla Client 3.46.0: the FileZilla Project updated FileZilla Client. up­date
Nov 25/2019 ✦ RIPE’s iPv4 Addresses: RIPE, which issues IP addresses for Europe, parts of Asia, and the Middle East, has run out of iPv4 addresses, making it even more critical to expand the use of iPv6. more
Nov 22/2019 ✦ Audacity 2.3.3: the Audacity team updated its audio editor. update
The PHP Group
Nov 21/2019 ✦ PHP 7.3.12: the PHP Group updated PHP 7.3 to fix bugs. moreupdate
The PHP Group
Nov 21/2019 ✦ PHP 7.2.25: the PHP Group updated PHP 7.2 to fix bugs & security is­sues. moreupdate
Microsoft Windows 10
Nov 19/2019 ✦ Microsoft Windows 10: Microsoft has a undocumented update for some Win­dows 10 1909 users. Win­dows Update
Google Chrome
Nov 18/2019 ✦ Chrome 78.0.3904.108: Google updated Chrome to fix bugs & security is­sues. moreup­dateNB: Chrome 68 and later say http pages are in­se­cure.


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