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This lists older 2017 news items, with the most recent items first.

Note : for 1998-2016 news items, see News ⮞ 1998-2016 News Archive. For current news, see the right sidebar on the home page. For old font news, see News ⮞ Font News Archive.

Note : a news item is deleted from this list when a newer related news item is added; e.g., the news item reporting the release of Firefox 54 was deleted when Firefox 55 appeared.


This lists older 2017 news items which haven’t been updated:

Adobe Reader ViperwareUpdate problem Nov 14/2017 ✦ Adobe Acrobat Reader DC 2018.009.20044: Adobe updated Acrobat Reader to fix security issues. Users should update.more⮞get it⮞
Adobe Flash Viperware Nov 14/2017 ✦ Adobe Flash Player Adobe updated Flash Player to fix bugs; users should update. more⮞get it⮞
Adobe Shockwave ViperwareUpdate problem Nov 14/2017 ✦ Adobe Shockwave Adobe updated Shockwave to fix a critical security issue; Users should update. more⮞get it⮞Note : Adobe’s link to down­load Shock­wave is broken again, so once again users can’t install the security update.
Microsoft Update problemNov 14/2017 ✦ Microsoft: Microsoft is rolling out its regular monthly securi­ty update, including updates for Adobe Flash Player, Windows, Edge, Internet Explorer, Office, Project Server, and SharePoint Enterprise Server. more⮞windows update⮞
SeaMonkey Nov 4/2017 ✦ Mozilla SeaMonkey 2.49.1: Mozilla updated SeaMonkey to add features, fix bugs, and fix security issues. Users should update. Caution : naïve browser snif­fers may identify SeaMonkey 2.49.1 as Firefox 52. more⮞more⮞get it⮞
The PHP Group Oct 26/2017 ✦ PHP 5.6.32: the PHP Group updated PHP 5.6 to fix a security issue; v5.6 users should update.more⮞get it⮞
Windows 10 Update problemOct 17/2017 ✦ Microsoft Windows 10: Microsoft is gradually rolling out the Windows 10 2017 Fall Creators Update; after installing it, you should check for Windows updates to fix issues with this update. more⮞more⮞windows update⮞ Note : this update resets the user interface fonts, sizes, and weights, and removes the menu that configures them; there are several ways to restore them. more⮞
Oracle Java Viperware Oct 17/2017 ✦ Oracle Java SE 9.0.1: Oracle updated Java 9 (alias 1.9) to fix bugs. Users should update.more⮞get Java 9.0.1⮞
Mozilla Firefox Oct 5/2017 ✦ Mozilla Firefox XP and Vista Support: Mozilla will support Windows XP and Vista in Firefox ESR until Jun 2018. more⮞
W3C Oct 3/2017 ✦ HTML 5.1: the W3C issued the HTML 5.1 2nd Edition Recommendation. read it⮞
Browser News Sep 22/2017 ✦ Browser News: this week marks the 19th anniversary of continuous publication of the Browser News.
Apple MacOS Jul 19/2017 ✦ Apple MacOS 10.10, 10.11, 10.12: Apple updated MacOS to fix security issues. Yosemite, El Capitan, and Sierra users should update.more⮞
ECMA International Jun 27/2017 ✦ ECMAscript 2017: ECMA International issued the ECMAscript 2017 (ES 8 / JavaScript 8) standard. get it⮞
Microsoft Silverlight Viperware Apr 11/2017 ✦ Microsoft Silverlight 5.1.50906.0: Microsoft updated its Silverlight media player to fix security issues. Users should update.get it⮞ or windows update⮞
Microsoft Windows Apr 11/2017 ✦ Microsoft Windows Vista: Microsoft ended support of Windows Vista. more⮞
iCab Mar 17/2017 ✦ iCab 5.8.3 // MacOS 10.7–10.12: iCab updated its Mac browser to fix a MacOS 10.12 (Sierra) bug. Users should update.more⮞get it⮞


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