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This lists older 2018 news­items, with the most recent items first.

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Note: a news­item is deleted from this list when a newer related news­item is added; e.g., the news­item reporting the release of Firefox 57 was deleted when Firefox 58 appeared.

Mozilla Firefox Slow software Oct 23/2018 ✦ Mozilla Firefox 60.3.0 ESR: Mozilla updated FF ESR to fix bugs and security issues. ESR users should update.more⮞more⮞get it⮞
Oracle Java Viperware Oct 16/2018 ✦ Oracle Java SE 11.0.1 JDK: Oracle updated the Java 11 (alias 1.11) JDK to add features, fix bugs, and fix security issues. Java developers should up­date. Note that the JRE is not yet available.more⮞ ;get Java 11 JDK⮞
Audacity Oct 1/2018 ✦ Audacity 2.3.0: the Audacity team updated its audio editor. get it⮞
Browser News Sep 28/2018 ✦ Browser News: this week marks the 20th anniversary of the Brow­ser News.
iCab Sep 28/2018 ✦ iCab 5.8.6 // MacOS 10.7–10.14: iCab updated its MacOS browser to fix bugs. Users should update.more⮞get it⮞
Windows 10 Sep 26/2018 ✦ Microsoft: Microsoft is distributing out-of-bounds Windows up­dates for some users over the next few days. Affected users should up­date, and check every day for further updates.more⮞more⮞more⮞Windows Update⮞
The PHP Group Sep 13/2018 ✦ PHP 7.0.32: the PHP Group updated PHP 7.0 to fix bugs and a security issue; v7.0 users should update.more⮞get it⮞
The PHP Group Sep 13/2018 ✦ PHP 5.6.38: the PHP Group updated PHP 5.6 to fix bugs and security issues; v5.6 users should update.more⮞get it⮞
Windows 10 Aug 31/2018 ✦ Microsoft: Microsoft issued an out-of-bounds Windows update to fix a Spectre-related bug, then issued another out-of-bounds Windows 10 update to fix more bugs; affected users should up­date. Note: if the update does not offer to reboot, you should install the update again. more⮞more⮞Windows Update⮞
Apple MacOS Aug 28/2018 ✦ Apple MacOS 10.13 for MacBook Pro: Apple updated MacOS 10.13 (High Sierra) to fix security issues. Users should update.more⮞
Browser News Aug 13/2018 ✦ Browser News: this site has been somewhat reörganized, with Fonts now a major menu item, with new font samples added, and with font-related Resources pages renamed and moved to Fonts pages. This may break some book­marks and links to the Browser News site.
SeaMonkey Jul 27/2018 ✦ Mozilla SeaMonkey 2.49.4: Mozilla updated SeaMonkey to fix bugs and security issues. Users should update. Caution: naïve browser snif­fers may identify SeaMonkey 2.49.4 as Firefox 52. more⮞more⮞get it⮞
Windows 10 Jul 24/2018 ✦ Microsoft: Microsoft is forcing some Windows 10 users to update to version 1803.
Oracle Java Viperware Jul 17/2018 ✦ Oracle Java SE 10.0.2: Oracle updated Java 10 (alias 1.10) to fix bugs and security issues. Users should update.get Java 10.0.2⮞
Lynx Jul 13/2018 ✦ Lynx 2.8.9: Lynx was updated after a long hiatus. Users should update.more⮞get it⮞
Meltdown and Spectre Vulnerabilities Jul 12/2018 ✦ Spectre Vulnerabilities: new variants of the Spectre CPU vul­ner­abilities have been revealed. more⮞
ECMA International Jun 27/2018 ✦ ECMAscript 2018: ECMA International issued the ECMAscript 2018 (9th Edition / JavaScript 9) Standard. and the ECMAScript 2018 (5th Edition) Internationalization API Specification.
Mozilla Firefox Jun 26/2018 ✦ Mozilla Firefox 52.9.0 ESR: Mozilla updated the ESR version of Firefox 52 to fix bugs and security issues. ESR users should update. Note: this FF version does support Windows XP and Vista. more⮞more⮞get it⮞
W3C Jun 5/2018 ✦ Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1: the W3C updated the WCAG and related documents.
Microsoft Update problem Apr 30/2018 ✦ Microsoft: Microsoft is rolling out the Windows 10 April 2018 Creators update to users having the Fall 2017 Creators Update. Users should up­date: but do so at night, as the update process can take 7 hours or longer.Windows Update⮞Note: Microsoft has removed, or will remove, some features. more⮞ Caution: this update resets the user interface fonts, sizes, and weights, and removes the menu that configures them; there are several ways to restore them. more⮞ Caution: the update may disable your firewall; you may have to reënable it.
W3C Apr 10/2018 ✦ Web Authentication: the W3C issued the Web Authentication (Web​Authn) Candidate Recommendation with upcoming support by major brow­sers. more⮞more⮞
AMD Viperware Mar 13/2018 ✦ AMD Vulnerabilities: flaws in AMD processors have been reported roughly as grave as the recently reported flaws in Intel processors. more⮞ Update Mar 21 ✦ AMD has confirmed the problems and promises fixes. more⮞
Meltdown and Spectre Vulnerabilities Mar 1/2018 ✦ Meltdown and Spectre Vulnerabilities: new details are available regarding fixes for the Meltdown and Spectre CPU vulnerabilities. more⮞more⮞more⮞
W3C Jan 30/2018 ✦ Indexed Database API: the W3C issued the Indexed Database API 2.0 Recommendation. read it⮞
Gibson Research Corporation Jan 18/2018 ✦ InSpectre: Gibson Research Corporation issued a free tool to report any Windows PC’s Meltdown or Spectre vulnerabilities. get it⮞
Meltdown and Spectre Vulnerabilities Jan 4/2018 ✦ Meltdown and Spectre Vulnerabilities: users should watch out for fixes for the recently-revealed Meltdown and Spectre CPU vulnerabilities. more⮞more⮞Caution - comes with audio


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