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News ⮞ 1998–2017 News Archive

This lists 1998–2017 browser newsitems. The latest items appear first.

For older font news, see News ⮞ Font News Archive.


This lists 2017 news­items which haven’t been updated:

W3C Dec 14/2017 ✦ HTML 5.2: the W3C issued the HTML 5.2 Recommendation. read it⮞
ECMA Dec 6/2017 ✦ ECMAScript Specification Suite, 3rd Edition: ECMA updated the ECMAScript Specification Suite. read⮞
Adobe Shockwave ViperwareUpdate problem Nov 14/2017 ✦ Adobe Shockwave Adobe updated Shockwave to fix a critical security issue; Users should update. more⮞get it⮞NB: Adobe’s link to down­load Shock­wave is broken again, so once again users can’t install the security update.
JPEGcrop Oct 6/2017 ✦ JPEGcrop 2017.10: JPEGclub.org updated the JPEGcrop tool. get it⮞
Mozilla Firefox Oct 5/2017 ✦ Mozilla Firefox XP and Vista Support: Mozilla will support Windows XP and Vista in Firefox ESR until Jun 2018. more⮞
W3C Oct 3/2017 ✦ HTML 5.1: the W3C issued the HTML 5.1 2nd Edition Recommendation. read it⮞
Browser News Sep 22/2017 ✦ Browser News: this week marks the 19th anniversary of continuous publication of the Browser News.
Apple MacOS Jul 19/2017 ✦ Apple MacOS 10.10, 10.11, 10.12: Apple updated MacOS to fix security issues. Yosemite, El Capitan, and Sierra users should update.more⮞
Microsoft Silverlight Viperware Apr 11/2017 ✦ Microsoft Silverlight 5.1.50906.0: Microsoft updated its Silverlight media player to fix security issues. Users should update.get it⮞ or Windows Update⮞
Microsoft Windows Apr 11/2017 ✦ Microsoft Windows Vista: Microsoft ended support of Windows Vista. more⮞


This lists 2016 news­items which haven’t been updated:

W3C Nov 1/2016 ✦ HTML 5.1: the W3C issued the HTML 5.1 Recommendation. read it⮞
Apple Safari Sep 1/2016 ✦ Apple Safari 9.1.3 // MacOS 10.9: Apple updated Safari 9 to fix a security issue. Mavericks users should update.more⮞
The PHP Group Jul 21/2016 ✦ PHP 5.5.38: the PHP Group updated PHP 5.5; v5.5 users should update.more⮞get it⮞
Adobe Air Viperware Jun 16/2016 ✦ Adobe Air 22 // Windows: Adobe updated its Air runtime for Windows to fix a security issue. Users should update.more⮞get it⮞
Apple MacOS Jun 13/2016 ✦ Apple OS X MacOS: Apple has renamed OS X to MacOS. more⮞
Apple QuickTime Apr 15/2016 ✦ Apple QuickTime RIP? It may be time to uninstall Quicktime from Windows PCs, since it is little used and it has security issues which may not be fixed. more⮞
Microsoft Windows Jan 12/2016 ✦ Microsoft Windows 8: Microsoft ended support of Windows 8. Users should upgrade to Windows 8.1 or Windows 10.more⮞
Apple QuickTime ViperwareUpdate problem Jan 7/2016 ✦ Apple QuickTime 7.7.9 // Windows: Apple updated its media player for Windows Vista and 7 to fix security issues. Users should update. Caution: this will install Apple update software, even if you don’t want it.more⮞get it⮞


This lists 2015 news­items which haven’t been updated:

K-Meleon Sep 19/2015 ✦ K-Meleon 75.1 // Windows: the K-Meleon browser was updated; it uses Gecko 31. Users should get it.more⮞get it⮞
Microsoft EdgeMicrosoft Internet Explorer Aug 17/2015 ✦ Virtual Machines for Testing with Edge and IE: Microsoft released new virtual machines for those who wish to test with its browsers. more⮞more⮞
Apple Safari Aug 13/2015 ✦ Apple Safari 6.2.8 // MacOS 10.8: Apple updated Safari 6 for Mountain Lion to fix security issues. Users should update.more⮞get it⮞
W3C Jun 23/2015 ✦ MathML 3.0: MathML was made an ISO/IEC international standard. “MathML is an XML application for describing mathematical notation and capturing both its structure and content. The goal of MathML is to enable mathematics to be served, received, and processed on the World Wide Web, just as HTML has enabled this functionality for text.” read it⮞
W3C Feb 26/2015 ✦ HTML5 Image Description Extension: the W3C issued a recommendation for the HTML5 IMG longdesc attribute. read it⮞


This lists 2014 news­items which haven’t been updated:

W3C Dec 9/2014 ✦ HTML5 Differences from HTML4: the W3C issued a document listing the HTML5 differences from HTML4. read it⮞
Let’s Encrypt Nov 19/2014 ✦ Let’s Encrypt: a service is coming to issue free security certificates. more⮞more⮞
W3C Oct 28/2014 ✦ HTML 5: the W3C issued the HTML 5 standard. It is especially relevant today, as many recent browsers support elements of HTML 5. read it⮞. Related is A vocabulary and associated APIs for HTML and XHTML.
Bash Sep 25/2014 ✦ Bash Security Bug: A serious security issue has been reported in Lixux, MacOS, and Unix. Affected systems should be updated as updates become available.more⮞more⮞more⮞more⮞MacOS update⮞
Microsoft Internet Explorer Aug 7/2014 ✦ Microsoft Internet Explorer: after Jan 12, 2016, Microsoft will only support IE9 on Windows Vista SP2 and Server 2008 SP2, and Windows 11 on Windows 7 SP1, 8.1, Server 2008 R2 SP1, and Server 2012 R2. more⮞
Google Apr 23/2014 ✦ Google Web Designer: Mozilla issued a beta of its web design software. more⮞
Microsoft Windows Apr 8/2014 ✦ Microsoft Windows XP: Microsoft ended support of Windows XP. more⮞
ICANN Mar 24/2014 ✦ Top Level Domain Names: ICANN has published a list of new delegated TLDs. more⮞


This lists 2013 news­items which haven’t been updated:

Browser News Dec 28/2013 ✦ Browser Sniffer: my browser sniffer was modified to cope with userAgent changes in IE 11 and in Opera 15 (and up).
Microsoft Internet Explorer Nov 7/2013 ✦ Microsoft Internet Explorer 11: Microsoft released IE11 for Windows 7. more⮞get it⮞
ICANN Oct 21/2013 ✦ Top Level Domain Names: ICANN approved delegation of four new TLDs, in arabic, chinese, and russian: .شبكة, .游戏, .онлайн, and .сайт. more⮞more⮞more⮞
W3C Sep 11/2013 ✦ Website Validator Suite: the W3C introduced a for-pay validation service. more⮞
W3C Jul 30/2013 ✦ Web Storage: the W3C issued a web storage recommendation. more⮞
Microsoft MSN-TV Jul 8/2013✦ MSN TV to Shut Down: Microsoft will shut down MSN TV in September. more⮞
Mozilla Camino May 31/2013 ✦ Mozilla Camino // MacOS: Development of Camino has ceased. more⮞
Google Chrome Opera Apr 4/2013 ✦ Chrome and Opera: Google and Opera Software will be switching to a new variant of WebKit named ‘Blink’. This will affect which browsers must be used to test websites. more⮞more⮞
Microsoft Internet Explorer Feb 26/2013 ✦ Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7: Microsoft issued IE 10 for Windows 7. get it⮞


This lists 2012 news­items which haven’t been updated:

W3C Jun 19/2012 ✦ CSS3 Media Queries: the W3C released the Media Queries Recommendation, useful for adapting web pages to diverse media. read…it]
Yahoo Axis May 24/2012 ✦ Yahoo Axis: Yahoo issued a family of browsers and browser add-ons. more⮞
Apple Safari ViperwareMay 9/2012 ✦ Safari 5.1.7 // Windows, MacOS: Apple updated Safari to fix security issues. Version 5 users should get it.get it⮞
W3C Feb 8/2012 ✦ Nu Markup Validation Service: the W3C released a new validation service. use it⮞
Amaya Jan 18/2012 ✦ Amaya 11.4.4: the W3C updated its test-bed browser. Users should update.more⮞get it⮞


This lists 2011 news­items which haven’t been updated:

W3C Aug 9/2011 ✦ HTML 5: the W3C published a draft of HTML 5: Edition for Web Authors. read it⮞
ISO Jun 30/2011 ✦ ECMAscript: ISO issued a new ECMAscript (JavaScript) standard, ECMA-262 Edition 5.1. more⮞read it⮞
ICANN Jun 20/2011 ✦ Top Level Domain Names: ICANN approved a plan to allow TLDs to be any substring in any language; e.g. IBM could get domain names ending in .ibm. read⮞
W3C Jun 7/2011 ✦ CSS 2.1: the W3C published the Cascading Style Sheets 2.1 Specification. read it⮞
Opera May 25/2011 ✦ Opera Mobile 11 Emulator: Opera Software released an emulator of its v11 browser for mobile devices. Caution: its userAgent string identifies it as Opera 10. more⮞get it⮞
Microsoft Internet Explorer Mar 14, 2011 ✦ Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 // Windows Vista and 7: Microsoft issued IE 9. more⮞more⮞get it⮞
Number Resource Organization Feb 3/2011 ✦ IPv4 Addresses: the Number Resource Organization revealed that all IPv4 addresses are now allocated, making the move to IPv6 more urgent. more⮞more⮞


This lists 2010 news­items which haven’t been updated:

W3C Nov 24/2010 ✦ xHTML 1.1 2nd Editions: the W3C revised 3 XHTML 1.1 recommendations, Module-based XHTML, XHTML Basic 1.1, and XHTML-Print, with corrections to errata.
Apple Safari ViperwareNov 18/2010 ✦ Safari 4.1.3 // MacOS 10.4: Apple updated Safari to fix security issues. Version 4 users should get it.more⮞get it⮞
RockMelt Nov 8/2010 ✦ RockMelt β, RockMelt issued a beta of its social browser. Facebook account required. more⮞get it⮞
ICRA Oct 30/2010 ✦ ICRA R.I.P.: FOSI, the Family Online Safety Institute, appears to have quietly killed its ICRA service for creating content rating labels.
W3C Jul 27/2010 ✦ Unicorn Validator: the W3C announced an all-in-one validator which validates markup, CSS, mobile, and newsfeed code. use it⮞
Microsoft Internet Explorer Jul 13/2010 ✦ Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.01 R.I.P.: Microsoft ended support of Windows 2000 and IE 5.01, with no future security fixes for either. Users should switch to a modern browser.
Skyfire Jun 23/2010 ✦ Skyfire 2.1: Sky issued version 2.1 of its mobile browser. more⮞get it⮞
W3C Jun 17/2010 ✦ User Agent Accessibility Guidelines 2.0: the W3C updated this draft recommendation to help make browsers and media players friendlier to the disabled. read it⮞
ICANN May 5/2010 ✦ Internationalised Domain Names (IDNs): The first three IDN ccTLDs went live, for Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE. list⮞more⮞
ICANN Mar 23/2010 ✦ Internationalised Domain Names (IDNs): ICANN’s String Evaluation on proposed IDN ccTLDs is complete. list⮞more⮞
Mozilla Fennec Jan 29/2010 ✦ Mozilla Firefox for Mobile 1.0 // Nokia N810 & N900: Mozilla.org released Firefox for Mobile 1.0 — also known as Fennec — for the Nokia N810 and 900; it uses Gecko 1.9.2. more⮞get it⮞


This lists 2009 news­items which haven’t been updated:

Moonlight Dec 17/2009 ✦ Linux Moonlight 2.0: Novell updated Moonlight, its open source implementation of Silverlight for Linux. get it⮞
Universal Postal Union Dec 9/2009 ✦ .post TLD: ICANN assigned the .post TLD to the Universal Postal Union. more⮞
W3C Dec 8/2009 ✦ Namespaces in XML 1.0, 3rdEd: the W3C amended the Namespaces in XML 1.0 specification with corrections and clarifications.
W3C Oct 20/2009 ✦ Extended Guidelines for Mobile Web Best Practices 1.0 Note: the W3C issued this document to supplement the W3C Mobile Web Best Practices 1.0. read it⮞
W3C Oct 20/2009 ✦ XForms 1.1: the W3C updated the Xforms Recommendation. read it⮞
AOL Oct 15/2009 ✦ AOL 9.5: the default version of AOL’s flagship browser has reverted to 9.5 from 9.1. Users should update.more⮞get it⮞
SeaMonkey Sep 4/2009 ✦ SeaMonkey 1.1.18: the SeaMonkey Council updated the SeaMonkey browser suite to fix bugs and security issues; it uses Gecko Users should get it.more⮞get it⮞
Microsoft Internet Explorer Mar 19/2009 ✦ Microsoft Internet Explorer 8: Microsoft released IE8. more⮞more⮞get it⮞
AOL Feb 13/2009 ✦ AOL 9.5 // Windows XP and Vista: AOL updated its flagship Windows browser. get it⮞
Moonlight Feb 12/2009 ✦ Linux Moonlight 1.0: Moonlight, an open source implementation of Silverlight for Linux, appeared. get it⮞
W3C Jan 28/2009 ✦ XHTML Media Types (2nd Edition): the W3C updated its document which recommends how to deliver XHTML pages to user agents, including user agents like IE which don’t specifically support XHTML. read it⮞


This lists 2008 news­items which haven’t been updated:

W3C Dec 22/2008 ✦ SVG Tiny 1.2: the W3C issued the Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) Tiny 1.2 specification.
AOL Dec 15/2008 ✦ AOL Desktop 1.5 // MacOS: AOL updated its MacOS browser suite. Users should update.get it⮞ Note that it isn’t related to the similarly named AOL Desktop 10 // Windows.
W3C Dec 8/2008 ✦ W3C mobileOK Basic Tests 1.0: the W3C issued a recommendation for testing sites for mobile devices, and deployed a matching MobileOK checker which warns of problems in sites for mobile devices.
W3C Dec 1/2008 ✦ SMIL 3.0: the W3C updated the SMIL standard, which enables designers to create interactive multimedia presentations. read it⮞
W3C Nov 26/2008 ✦ XML 1.0 5thEd: the W3C amended the XML 1.0 Recommendation, with corrections and clarifications.
ICANN Oct 24/2008 ✦ New gTLD Program: ICANN is open to new TLDs, possibly greatly expanding the number of TLDs, and has created a new central resource about this. see it⮞
W3C Aug 29/2008 ✦ Mobile Browser Recommendations: the W3C issued three documents related to browsers for mobile devices, Mobile Web Best Practices 1.0, XHTML Basic 1.1 Recommendation, and Mobile Web Application Best Practices.
Microsoft software Jul 25/2008 ✦ Microsoft MSDN: Microsoft reörganized its MSDN site recently, breaking many links from elsewhere. If you have bookmarks or links to MSDN pages, you should check the bookmarks and links.
ICANN Jun 26/2008 ✦ TLD Expansion: ICANN approved the fast track addition of Top Level Domains (TLDs) with international characters, e.g. Cyrillic and Chinese; ICANN also accepted a proposal to greatly expand the number of TLDs, allowing any entity to create its own TLD. more⮞more⮞more⮞
RegistryPro May 30/2008 ✦ .pro Domain Names: RegistryPro is making it easier for a wider range of professionals to get .pro domain names. more⮞
Microsoft Internet Explorer Apr 8/2008 ✦ Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 and 7: having had made an agreement with Eolas, Microsoft’s latest security update to IE 6 and 7 also removed a feature whereby users have to click on “click to activate” to make some controls work. more⮞ Designers should ignore this change at this time: other brower makers haven’t made such agreements, so some browsers will continue to require the user to click on controls; also, not all IE users will update their browsers.
Interactive Advertising Bureau Apr 3/2008 ✦ Digital Video Ad Format Guidelines: the IAB updated its guidelines for digital video ads, adding 4 new standard ad sizes — 300×50, 300×60, 400×20, and 450×50 — therefore making these sizes no longer safe for graphics which are not ads. more⮞more⮞
AOL-Netscape Feb 20/2008 ✦ AOL Netscape AOL updated Netscape 9 to fix security issues and to make it easier to migrate to Firefox; support for Netscape ends Mar 1, so this may be the last version. more⮞get it⮞
.asia Feb 20/2008 ✦ .asia Domain Names: .asia TLDs are now available to the general public. more⮞


This lists 2007 news­items which haven’t been updated:

AOL Dec 6/2007 ✦ AOL Desktop // Windows XP and Vista: AOL quietly issued its new Windows browser suite, earlier code-named Helix. Note that AOL has a different suite for MacOS which has the same name.
ICANN Oct 26/2007 ✦ IPv6 Factsheet: ICANN issued an interesting factsheet about IPv6. more⮞
ICANN Oct 15/2007 ✦ Internationalised Domain Names (IDNs): ICANN began public tests of IDNs which have international characters in TLDs and sub-domains. more⮞
Microsoft Windows Aug 10/2007 ✦ Microsoft Windows Script 5.7 // Windows 2000 and XP: Microsoft updated its script engine. Users should get it.Windows 2000⮞Windows XP⮞
The PHP Group Jul 13/2007 ✦ PHP 4 Support to End: the PHP Group revealed that support of PHP 4 would end at the end of 2007. more⮞
AOL OpenRide Jun 21/2007 ✦ AOL - The Ride is Over: AOL has removed all links for downloading OpenRide, which must now be considered extinct.
W3C Apr 12/2007 ✦ Internationalization Best Practices: Specifying Language in XHTML & HTML Content: the W3C issued this working group note for those making web pages for international audiences. more⮞
W3C Mar 7/2007 ✦ HTML: the W3C started a working group to plan a successor to HTML 4, a successor that is not based on XML, as XHTML is. more⮞
W3C Jan 22/2007 ✦ New XML Standards: the W3C approved 8 new XML standards: XQuery 1.0, XSLT 2.0, XPath 2.0, XQuery 1.0 and XPath 2.0 Functions and Operators, XQuery 1.0 and XPath 2.0 Data Model (XDM), XSLT 2.0 and XQuery 1.0 Serialization, XML Syntax for XQuery 1.0 (XQueryX), and XQuery 1.0 and XPath 2.0 Formal Semantics. more⮞


This lists 2006 news­items that haven’t been updated:

W3C Dec 5/2006 ✦ XSL 1.1: the W3C updated the Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) 1.0 Recommendation, including significant added features. XSL 1.0 enables designers to say how content should be styled, laid out, and paginated. read it⮞
IBM Nov 30/2006 ✦ IBM Home Page Reader: IBM killed its browser for those who are blind or near-blind; IBM doesn’t offer a similar product to replace it.
Windows Media Player Oct 30/2006 ✦ Media Player 11 // Windows: Microsoft updated its media player. get it⮞
.asia Oct 18/2006 ✦ .asia Domain Names: DotAsia has been selected by ICANN to administer the new .asia TLD, a domain for Asian websites. more⮞
Microsoft Internet Explorer Oct 18/2006 ✦ Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 // Windows XP SP2: Microsoft released IE7. get it⮞
.mobi Sep 26/2006 ✦ .mobi Domain Names: The mTLD Top Level Domain, selected by ICANN to administer the new .mobi domain, now allows anyone to register domain names for sites for small devices. more⮞
Internet Engineering Task Force Sep 21/2006 ✦ Language Tags: the IETF issued two new specifications for language tags, which are nicely explained in a W3C article, Language tags in HTML and XML.
W3C Aug 16/2004 ✦ XML 1.1 2ndEd: the W3C amended the XML 1.1 Recommendation and Namespaces in XML 1.1 with corrections and clarifications.
Microsoft Windows Jul 11/2006 ✦ Windows 98, 98SE, and ME: Microsoft ended all support of Windows 98, 98SE, and ME. This affects about 5% of users. more⮞
.tel May 15/2006 ✦ .tel Domain Names: Telnic has been selected by ICANN to administer the new .tel domain; this domain is for accessing communications devices using domain names. more⮞more⮞
AOL Explorer May 10/2006 ✦ AOL Explorer 1.5 // Windows: AOL updated its free IE-based browser.
Mozilla Apr 21/2006 ✦ Mozilla 1.7.13: Mozilla.org updated its browser suite to fix bugs and security issues. Users should get it.more⮞
Microsoft Apr 11/2006 ✦ Microsoft FrontPage: Microsoft will kill FrontPage in late 2006, replacing it with products such as its new Expression Web Designer. more⮞
EURid Apr 7/2006 ✦ .eu Domain Names: EURid, chosen by the EU to administer the new .eu European domain, now lets anyone in the EU register .eu domain names. more⮞
Microsoft MSN-TV Feb 22/2006 ✦ MSN-TV 2: Microsoft updated the software for its TV web appliance to v1.3 build 6341. more⮞
.travel Jan 2/2006 ✦ .travel Domain Names: Tralliance officially launched the new .travel TLD.


This lists 2005 news­items that haven’t been updated:

IBM Dec 23/2005 ✦ IBM Kills OS/2: IBM withdrew OS/2 from the market, including its Gecko-based OS/2 browser. more⮞
Microsoft Internet Explorer Dec 19/2005 ✦ IE // Mac: Microsoft will end support of IE for Macs on Dec 31 2005, and will end availability after Jan 31 2006. more⮞more⮞
AOL Oct 7/2005 ✦ AOL 10.3.7 // MacOS: AOL updated its Gecko-based MacOS browser suite.
.cat Sep 15/2005 ✦ .cat Domain Names: puntCAT has been selected by ICANN to administer the new .cat domain; this domain is for the Catalan language community. more⮞
W3C Aug 23/2005 ✦ Accessibility: the W3C published Developing a Web Accessibility Business Case for Your Organization to help organizations develop their own customized business case for Web accessibility.read it⮞
IBM Jul 5/2005 ✦ IBM Web Browser 2.0.5: IBM updated its OS/2 Gecko-based browser to Gecko 1.7.5.
.jobs Jun 20/2005 ✦ .jobs Domain Names: Employ Media, chosen by ICANN to administer the new .jobs domain, now allows registration of .jobs domains. The domains will likely go live in Sep 2005. more⮞
MSN Explorer Mar 11/2005 ✦ MSN Explorer for MacOS Killed: Microsoft revealed that it will cease support for MSN Explorer for MacOS in May. more⮞
Mozilla March 10/2005 ✦ Mozilla Suite Extinct: Mozilla.org revealed that Mozilla 1.7.x is the last Mozilla suite to be released. There will be security updates for 1.7.x, but there will be no Mozilla 1.8. Mozilla.org will focus its resources on Firefox, Thunderbird, and other standalone products. more⮞more⮞
Internet Engineering Task Force Jan 26/2005 ✦ Internationalized Resource Identifiers (IRIs): a proposed standard has been created for IRIs. IRIs may be thought of as internationalized URIs: like an URI, an IRI can specify web addresses, but an IRI is Unicode rather than ASCII, and therefore can contain international characters. more⮞more⮞more⮞


This lists 2004 news­items that haven’t been updated:

W3C Oct 28/2004 ✦ XML Schema 2nd Edition: the W3C updated this recommendation, the specification for XML schemas, correcting errors in the 1st Edition. read it⮞ XML schemas "define shared markup vocabularies and the structure of XML documents using those vocabularies."
W3C Sep 7/2004 ✦ SSML 1.0: the W3C issued the Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) 1.0 Recommendation.
MSN Explorer Jul 29/2004 ✦ MSN Explorer 9.10 // Windows: Microsoft updated its MSN browser suite.
W3C Jul 21/2004 ✦ HTML and xHTML: the W3C issued an interesting HTML and xHTML FAQ.
RegistryPro Jun 1/2004 ✦ .pro Domain Names: RegistryPro launched the new .pro TLD.
W3C Apr 7/2004 ✦ DOM Level 3: the W3C issued the Document Object Model (DOM) Level 3 Core Specification and the Document Object Model (DOM) Level 3 Load and Save Specification.
Interactive Advertising Bureau Feb 12/2004 ✦ Rich Media Banner Guidelines: the IAB updated its guidelines for rich media banners, including recommended maximum file sizes. more⮞
The Global Name Registry Jan 14/2004 ✦ .name Domain Names: The .name TLD, administered by The Global Name Registry, now allows registration of second-level domains, e.g. JohnDoe.name rather than, as previously, John.Doe.name.
AOL Jan 8/2004 ✦ Netscape ISP: AOL announced a discount dial-up US Internet service to fight low-price competitors. Netscape ISP users may use any browser. more⮞more⮞
Microsoft software Jan 3/2004 ✦ Digital Certificates: some of Microsoft’s digital certificates expire this week. The certificate for its JVM can’t be renewed: a court settlement with Sun forbids this. Others could be renewed, but patches would be needed. Some sites will break, and some display warnings, unless patches are released. more⮞


This lists 2003 news­items that haven’t been updated:

MSN Explorer Dec 3/2003 ✦ MSN Explorer 2.0.1 // MacOS: Microsoft updated its MSN browser suite for MacOS to fix issues with MacOS 10.3 (Panther). Users should get it.
W3C Nov 10/2003 ✦ PNG Specification (2ndEd): the W3C updated the PNG graphics specification with clarifications and corrections; this is also an ISO/IEC international standard. read it⮞
Microsoft MSN-TV Oct 15/2003 ✦ MSN-TV 2.8.2: Microsoft updated its TV-centred browser. more⮞
W3C Oct 14/2003 ✦ XML Events: the W3C issued this recommendation. "The XML Events module provides XML languages with the ability to uniformly integrate event listeners and associated event handlers with DOM Level 2 event interfaces. This provides an interoperable way of associating behaviors with document-level markup." read it⮞
RSS Jul 15/2003 ✦ RSS News: the non-profit Berkman Center at Harvard was given ownership of the RSS 2.0 specification. more⮞read it⮞
Microsoft Internet Explorer Jul 11/2003 ✦ IE 5.1.7 // Mac: Microsoft updated IE for Apple’s Mac O/S 8 and 9, including security fixes. Users should get it.get it⮞
W3C Jun 24/2003 ✦ SOAP 1.2: the W3C issued the SOAP 1.2 Recommendation, providing the definition of the XML-based information which can be used for exchanging structured and typed information between peers in a decentralized, distributed environment. more⮞
Microsoft Internet Explorer Jun 16, 2003 ✦ IE 5.2.3 // MacOS: Microsoft updated IE for Apple’s MacOS, including security fixes. Users should get it.get it⮞
World Wide Web Consortium May 26/2003 ✦ W3C Note — Web Standards Switch: this describes a process for making existing websites standards-compliant. read it⮞
World Wide Web Consortium May 26/2003 ✦ W3C Note — Log Validator: this tool reports a site’s most visited invalid pages, helping you decide which pages should next be made standards-compliant. read it⮞
HotJava Apr 11/2003 ✦ HotJava R.I.P.: Sun Systems ended support for its HotJava browser, but still offers it in its archives.
AOL-TV Feb 18, 2003 ✦ AOL-TV R.I.P.: AOL discontinued its TV-based Internet appliance. more⮞
World Wide Web Consortium Jan 30/2003 ✦ W3C Note — Common User Agent Problems: this updated note lists common browser problems due to poor compliance with standards, and details what the browsers should do; this can be used to supplement the standards. read it⮞
W3C Jan 14/2003 ✦ Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) 1.1 Recommendation: the W3C issued this modularized recommendation to enable designers to use scalable vector graphics. more⮞read it⮞
W3C Jan 14/2003 ✦ Mobile SVG Profiles — SVG Tiny and SVG Basic: the W3C issued this recommendation to enable designers to use scalable vector graphics in cellphones and pocket computers. more⮞read it⮞
W3C Jan 9/2003 ✦ Document Object Model (DOM) Level 2 HTML Specification: the W3C issued this recommendation to define how programs and scripts may dynamically access and update the content and structure of HTML and xHTML 1.0 documents. more⮞more⮞read it⮞
.org Jan 2/2003 ✦ .org Domain Names: PIR became the new administrator of the .org domains; PIR was created by ISOC. more⮞


This lists 2002 news­items that haven’t been updated:

W3C Oct 30/2000 ✦ Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines 1.0: the W3C updated these guidelines. read it⮞
Microsoft Internet Explorer Sep 19/2002 ✦ IE // HP-UX & Solaris: Microsoft recently killed its browser for HP-UX and Sun Solaris.
Opera Sep 4/2002 ✦ Opera 5.12 // OS/2: Opera Software updated its OS/2 browser. more⮞get it⮞
.aero Sep 2/2002 ✦ .aero Domain Names: SITA’s new .aero domains went live. more⮞
AOL-Netscape Aug 22/2002 ✦ Netscape 4.80: AOL updated its 5-year-old browser suite more⮞get it⮞. AOL is secretive about what has changed, and when.
W3C Aug 1/2002 ✦ xHTML 1.0 (2nd Edition): the W3C updated the xHTML 1.0 Recommendation, incorporating errata and user comments; there are no substantive changes. read it⮞
Neustar’s .us Apr 24/2002 ✦ .us Domain Names: Neustar, administrator of the .us TLD, began open registrations.
Opera Apr 23/2002 ✦ Opera 5.14 // Symbian O/S: Opera Software updated its v5 browser for the Symbian O/S. get it⮞
CompuServe Apr 16/2002 ✦ Compuserve 7.0 // Windows 95/98/ME: AOL-Compuserve issued v7 of its browser suite, now using Gecko as its browser engine, not Internet Explorer. more⮞get it⮞
W3C Apr 16/2002 ✦ P3P 1.0: the W3C released the P3P 1.0 Specification. P3P enables designers to define and publish their website privacy policies, and helps automate how the policies are read. read it⮞
Opera Apr 10/2002 ✦ Opera 6.0 β 1 // QNX: Opera Software issued the first beta of its v6 browser server for QNX. get it⮞
W3C Feb 11/2002 ✦ P3P Guide 1.0: the W3C updated the P3P 1.0 Deployment Guide. P3P enables designers to publish privacy policies in a machine-readable syntax. read it⮞
W3C Jan 31/2002 ✦ xHTML+SMIL Profile: the W3C issued this note integrating a SMIL 2.0 subset with xHTML, with modules for animation, content control, media objects, timing & synchronization, time manipulations, and transition effects. read it⮞
DotCoöperation Jan 31/2002 ✦ .coop Domain Names: The new .coop TLD, administered by DotCoöperation, went live. more⮞
The Global Name Registry Jan 15/2002 ✦ .name Domain Names: The new .name TLD, administered by The Global Name Registry, went live. more⮞
Nominet Jan 14/2002 ✦ .me.uk Domain Names: Nominet, the .uk administrator, now offers .me.uk domains, to be used by individuals much like the .name TLD. more⮞
Euro Currency Jan 1/2002 ✦ Euro Currency: Microsoft has a site telling how to adapt its products to the new Euro currency. more⮞ Note that the Euro character is now in all of Microsoft’s recently updated core web fonts: users should upgrade.


This lists 2001 news­items that haven’t been updated:

EDUCAUSE Nov 12/2001 ✦ .edu Domain Names: EDUCAUSE took control of the .edu TLD. New .edu names are now available to community colleges, but are no longer available outside the US. more⮞
Neulevel .BIZ Domains Nov 7/2001 ✦ .biz Domain Names: after a 2-week delay, the new .biz domain names administered by NeuLevel went live for new undisputed names with single registrants.
Afilias .INFO Domains Sep 22/2001 ✦ .info Domain Names: the new .info domain names, administered by Afilias, went live for undisputed names with single registrants. Open registration begins Oct. 1.
W3C Sep 5/2001 ✦ SMIL Animation: the W3C issued the SMIL Animation Recommendation, a subset of SMIL 2.0. SMIL Animation enables designers to create animated multimedia presentations. read it⮞
Opera Aug 8/2001 ✦ Opera 5.2 // QNX: Opera Software issued its v5 browser for QNX. This version supports Unicode, soon to appear in Opera on other platforms.  get it⮞
Microsoft Internet Explorer Aug 3/2001 ✦ IE 5.5 SP2: Microsoft issued 5.5 Service Pack 2 for Windows 95, 98, Me, NT4, and 2000. get it⮞
Microsoft MSN-TV July 18/2001 ✦ WebTV Renamed: Microsoft renamed WebTV to ‘MSN TV’, a change rumoured two months ago. more⮞
W3C Jun 27/2001 ✦ XML Base: the W3C issued this XML Recommendation. read it⮞
W3C Jun 27/2001 ✦ XML Linking Language 1.0: the W3C issued this XML Recommendation. read it⮞
W3C May 31/2001 ✦ xHTML 1.1: the W3C issued this modularized recommendation, based on xHTML 1.0 Strict. read it⮞
W3C May 31/2001 ✦ Ruby Annotation: the W3C issued this recommendation, defining ruby markup as an xHTML module. read it⮞
W3C Apr 10/2001 ✦ Modularization of xHTML: the W3C issued this recommendation, telling how to subset and extend xHTML for appliances, mobile devices, and other emerging platforms. read it⮞


This lists 2000 news­items that haven’t been updated:

W3C Dec 19/2000 ✦ xHTML Basic: the W3C issued the "xHTML Basic" Recommendation. xHTML Basic is an xHTML subset suitable for small information appliances. read it⮞
W3C Nov 13/2000 ✦ DOM Level 2: the W3C issued the DOM Level 2 Recommendation. read it⮞


This lists 1999 news­items that haven’t been updated:

W3C Dec 24/1999 ✦ HTML 4.01: the W3C issued the HTML 4.01 Recommendation. read it⮞
W3C May 5/1999 ✦ Web Content Accessibility Guidelines: the W3C issued the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 Recommendation. read it⮞


This lists 1998 news­items that haven’t been updated:

W3C May 12/1998 ✦ CSS 2: the W3C issued the Cascading Style Sheets 2 (CSS 2) Recommendation. read it⮞


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