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Synopsis: this page has sample JavaScript code in a variety of fonts suitable for coding, to help you choose a coding font.

Note: characters in tiny sizes will not appear in the proper sizes if the browser has been configured to set a minimum font size.

Note: unlike most Browser News pages, this page is starkly plain, with minimal styling, partly to illustrate the points more clearly, but mainly to make it easier to compare browsers: viewing this page with several browsers and/or configurations at the same time makes the browsers’ basic differences clearer.

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Monospace Fonts for Coders 

Fonts which, like Courier New, are monospace fonts suitable for coders include . This author especially recommends IBM Plex Mono, Office Code Pro, and Office Code Pro D.

Note: samples are omitted for fonts which are not installed.

Some of these fonts are better because their characters are more legible and because their characters are so distinct that they are not easily confused. It is especially important that punctuation marks and operators be large, and that similar characters such as B80Oo (capital B, digit eight, digit zero, uppercase O, and lowercase O), 1ilI (digit 1, lowercase I, lowercase L, and uppercase I), 5S$ (digit 5, capital S, and a dollar sign), and brackets (parentheses (), square brackets [], braces {}, and pointed brackets <>) be distinct.