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This page lists the common browser engines:


A browser engine — also called a layout engine or rendering engine — is the core of a web browser, responsible for rendering web pages.

A browser engine can be used by many different browsers. For example, the Gecko engine is used by Camino, Epiphany, Fennec, Firefox, Galeon, K-Meleon, Mozilla, Netscape 6–9, Pale Moon, SeaMonkey, and others. Browsers which use the same version of the same engine should display pages the same if the browsers are configured the same, but there can be differences. For example, Chrome and Safari use the same browser engine, but they have different JavaScript interpreters, which can create rendering differences. Or, for example, some browsers have different default styles — e.g. default background colours — which can also create rendering differences.

Common Browser Engines

There are six major desktop browser engines:

The most common browser engines are:

Browsers Using Google’s Chrome Engines 

 Chrome 1  
 Chrome 2  
 Chrome 3  
 Chrome 4  
 Chrome 5  
 Chrome 6  
 Chrome 7  
 Chrome 8  
 Chrome 9  
 Chrome 10  
 Chrome 11  
 Chrome 12  
 Chrome 13  
 Chrome 14  
 Chrome 15  
 Chrome 16  
 Chrome 17  
 Chrome 18  
 Chrome 19  
 Chrome 20  
 Chrome 21  
 Chrome 22  
 Chrome 23  
 Chrome 24  
 Chrome 25  
 Chrome 26  
 Chrome 27  
 Chrome 28Opera 15 
 Chrome 29Opera 16 
 Chrome 30Opera 17 
 Chrome 31Opera 18 
 Chrome 32Opera 19 
 Chrome 33Opera 20 
 Chrome 34Opera 21 
 Chrome 35Opera 22 
 Chrome 36Opera 23 
 Chrome 37Opera 24 
 Chrome 38Opera 25 
 Chrome 39Opera 26 
 Chrome 40Opera 27 
 Chrome 41Opera 28 
 Chrome 42Opera 29 
 Chrome 43Opera 30 
 Chrome 44Opera 31 
 Chrome 45Opera 32 
 Chrome 46Opera 33 
 Chrome 47Opera 34 
 Chrome 48Opera 35 
 Chrome 49Opera 36Vivaldi 1.0
 Chrome 50Opera 37Vivaldi 1.1
 Chrome 51Opera 38Vivaldi 1.2
 Chrome 52Opera 39Vivaldi 1.3
 Chrome 53Opera 40Vivaldi 1.4
 Chrome 54Opera 41Vivaldi 1.5
 Chrome 55Opera 42Vivaldi 1.6
 Chrome 56Opera 43Vivaldi 1.7
 Chrome 57Opera 44Vivaldi 1.8
 Chrome 58Opera 45Vivaldi 1.9
 Chrome 59Opera 46Vivaldi 1.10
 Chrome 60Opera 47Vivaldi 1.11
 Chrome 61Opera 48Vivaldi 1.12
 Chrome 62Opera 49Vivaldi 1.13
 Chrome 63Opera 50 
 Chrome 64Opera 51Vivaldi 1.14
 Chrome 65Opera 52Vivaldi 1.15
 Chrome 66Opera 53 
 Chrome 67Opera 54 
 Chrome 68Opera 55 
 Chrome 69Opera 56Vivaldi 2.0
 Chrome 70Opera 57Vivaldi 2.1
 Chrome 71Opera 58Vivaldi 2.2
 Chrome 72 Vivaldi 2.3
 Chrome 73Opera 60Vivaldi 2.4
 Chrome 74 Vivaldi 2.5
 Chrome 75Opera 62Vivaldi 2.6
 Chrome 76Opera 63Vivaldi 2.7
 Chrome 77Opera 64Vivaldi 2.8
 Chrome 78Opera 65Vivaldi 2.9
Edge 79.0.309.65Chrome 79Opera 66Vivaldi 2.10
Edge 80.0.361.111Chrome 80Opera 67Vivaldi 2.11
81.0.416.72Chrome 81Opera 68Vivaldi 3.0
83.0.478.45Chrome 83  
85.0.564.51Chrome 85  
 Chrome 86Opera 723.4

Browsers Using Microsoft’s Edge Engines 

Edge 12Edge 12
Edge 13Edge 13
Edge 14Edge 14
Edge 15Edge 15
Edge 16Edge 16
Edge 17Edge 17
Edge 18Edge 18

Browsers Using Mozilla’s Gecko Engines 

Gecko 1.0Mozilla 1.0.x, Netscape 7.0Mozilla 1.0.2
Gecko 1.4.xMozilla 1.4.x, Netscape 7.1Mozilla 1.4.1
Gecko 1.7.xMozilla 1.7.x, Firefox 1.0.x, Netscape 7.2, Netscape 8.0–8.13Mozilla 1.7.13
Gecko 1.8.0.xFirefox 1.5.x.x, Camino 1.0.x, SeaMonkey 1.0.xFirefox
Gecko 1.8.1.xFirefox 2.0.x.x, Netscape 9.x, and SeaMonkey 1.1.xFirefox
Gecko 1.9.0.xFirefox 3.0.x.xFirefox 3.0.19
Gecko 1.9.1.xFirefox 3.5.x.x, SeaMonkey 2.xFirefox 3.5.17
Gecko 1.9.2.xFirefox 3.6.x.xFirefox 3.6.28
Gecko 2.0Firefox 4.0.xFirefox 4.0.1
Gecko 5.0Firefox 5.0.xFirefox 5.0.1
Gecko 6.0Firefox 6.0.xFirefox 6.0.2
Gecko 7.0Firefox 7.0.xFirefox 7.0.1
Gecko 8.0Firefox 8.0.xFirefox 8.0.1
Gecko 9.0Firefox 9.0.xFirefox 9.0.1
Gecko 10.0Firefox 10.0.xFirefox 10.0.2
Gecko 11.0Firefox 11.0.xFirefox 11.0
Gecko 12.0Firefox 12.0.xFirefox 12.0
Gecko 13.0Firefox 13.0.xFirefox 13.0.1
Gecko 14.0Firefox 14.0.xFirefox 14.0.1
Gecko 15.0Firefox 15.0.xFirefox 15.0.1
Gecko 16.0Firefox 16.0.xFirefox 16.0.2
Gecko 17.0Firefox 17.0.xFirefox 17.0.1
Gecko 18.0Firefox 18.0.xFirefox 18.0.2
Gecko 19.0Firefox 19.0.xFirefox 19.0.2
Gecko 20.0Firefox 20.0.xFirefox 20.0.1
Gecko 21.0Firefox 21.0.xFirefox 21.0
Gecko 22.0Firefox 22.0.xFirefox 22.0
Gecko 23.0Firefox 23.0.xFirefox 23.0.1
Gecko 24.0Firefox 24.0.xFirefox 24.8.1
Gecko 25.0Firefox 25.0.xFirefox 25.0.1
Gecko 26.0Firefox 26.0.xFirefox 26.0
Gecko 27.0Firefox 27.0.xFirefox 27.0.1
Gecko 28.0Firefox 28.0.xFirefox 28.0
Gecko 30.0Firefox 30.0.xFirefox 30.0
Gecko 31.0Firefox 31.0.xFirefox 31.8.0
Gecko 32.0Firefox 32.0.xFirefox 32.0.3
Gecko 33.0Firefox 33.1.xFirefox 33.1.1
Gecko 34.0Firefox 34.0.xFirefox 34.0.5
Gecko 35.0Firefox 35.0.xFirefox 35.0.1
Gecko 36.0Firefox 36.0.xFirefox 36.0.4
Gecko 37.0Firefox 37.0.xFirefox 37.0.2
Gecko 38.0Firefox 38.0.xFirefox 38.0.6
Gecko 39.0Firefox 39.0.xFirefox 39.0.3
Gecko 40.0Firefox 40.0.xFirefox 40.0.3
Gecko 41.0Firefox 41.0.xFirefox 41.0.2
Gecko 42.0Firefox 42.0.xFirefox 42.0
Gecko 43.0Firefox 43.0.xFirefox 43.0.4
Gecko 44.0Firefox 44.0.xFirefox 44.0.2
Gecko 45.0Firefox 45.0.xFirefox 45.9.0
Gecko 46.0Firefox 46.0.xFirefox 46.0.1
Gecko 47.0Firefox 47.0.xFirefox 47.0.1
Gecko 48.0Firefox 48.0.xFirefox 48.0.2
Gecko 49.0Firefox 49.0.xFirefox 49.0.2
Gecko 50.0Firefox 50.0.xFirefox 50.1.0
Gecko 51.0Firefox 51.0.xFirefox 51.0.1
Gecko 52.0Firefox 52.0.x, SeaMonkey 2.49.3Firefox 52.9.0, SeaMonkey 2.49.5
Gecko 53.0Firefox 53.0.xFirefox 53.0.3
Gecko 54.0Firefox 54.0.xFirefox 54.0.1
Gecko 55.0Firefox 55.0.xFirefox 55.0.3
Gecko 56.0Firefox 56.0.xFirefox 56.0.2

Browsers Using Pale Moon’s Browser Engine and JavaScript Interpreter 

Goanna 4.1Pale Moon 2828.2.2–28.4.1
Goanna 4.2Pale Moon 2828.5.2
Goanna 4.3Pale Moon 2828.6.0
Goanna 4.4Pale Moon 28.7–28.828.8.4
Goanna 4.5Pale Moon 28.928.9.3
Goanna 4.5Pale Moon 28.1328.13.0
Goanna 4.6Pale Moon 28.1428.14.2
Goanna 4.7Pale Moon 28.1528.15.0

Browsers Using Mozilla’s Quantum Engines 

Gecko 57.0Firefox 57.0.xFirefox 57.0.4
Gecko 58.0Firefox 58.0.xFirefox 58.0.2
Gecko 59.0Firefox 59.0.xFirefox 59.0.3
Gecko 60.0Firefox 60.0.x, Seamonkey 2.53.xFirefox 60.6.0, Seamonkey 2.53.4
Gecko 61.0Firefox 61.0.xFirefox 61.0.2
Gecko 62.0Firefox 62.0.xFirefox 62.0.3
Gecko 63.0Firefox 63.0.xFirefox 63.0.3
Gecko 64.0Firefox 64.0.xFirefox 64.0.2
Gecko 65.0Firefox 65.0.xFirefox 65.0.2
Gecko 66.0Firefox 66.0.xFirefox 66.0.3
Gecko 67.0Firefox 67.0.xFirefox 67.0.4
Gecko 68.0Firefox 68.0.xFirefox 68.0.2
Gecko 69.0Firefox 69.0.xFirefox 69.0.3
Gecko 70.0Firefox 70.0.xFirefox 70.0.1
Gecko 71.0Firefox 71.0.xFirefox 71.0.2
Gecko 72.0Firefox 72.0.xFirefox 72.0.2
Gecko 73.0Firefox 73.0.xFirefox 73.0.1
Gecko 74.0Firefox 74.0.xFirefox 74.0.1
Gecko 75.0Firefox 75.0.xFirefox 75.0
Gecko 76.0Firefox 76.0.xFirefox 76.0.1
Gecko 77.0Firefox 77.0.xFirefox 77.0.1
Gecko 80.0Firefox 80.0.xFirefox 80.0.1
Gecko 81.0Firefox 81.0.xFirefox 81.0.2
Gecko 82.0Firefox 82.0.xFirefox 82.0.2

Browsers Using Opera’s Presto Engines 

Presto 1.0Opera 7.x
Presto ?.?Opera 8.x
Presto 2.1.1Opera 9.x
Presto 2.2Opera 10.00 - 10.10
Presto 2.5Opera 10.5x
Presto 2.6Opera 10.6x
Presto 2.7Opera 11.0x
Presto 2.8Opera 11.1x
Presto 2.9Opera 11.5x
Presto 2.10Opera 11.6x
Presto 2.10Opera 12.0x

Browsers Using Microsoft’s Trident Engines 

Trident is used by IE4–11, MSN Explorer, Netscape 8, most AOL browsers, Avant, Maxthon, SlimBrowser, and many more).

The numbering of Internet Explorer’s browser engine became really strange after IE7: IE8 uses Trident 4, but IE6 uses Trident IV; and IE9 uses Trident 5, but IE7 uses Trident V. Presumably no one at Microsoft knows that IV is 4, or V is 5: the engine for IE8 should have been called Trident VI or Trident 6; and the engine for IE9 should have been called Trident VII or Trident 7.

Trident IIE 4.0x
Trident IIIE 5.0x
Trident IIIIE 5.5x
Trident IVIE 6.x
Trident VIE 7.x
Trident 4IE 8.x
Trident 5IE 9.x
Trident 6IE 10.x
Trident 7IE 11.x
Trident 8IE 11.x with Windows 10

Browsers Using Apple’s Webkit Engines 

Apple Safari’s browser engine is based on Konqueror’s KHTML engine, used by Chrome, OmniWeb, Opera (versions 15+), Safari, and Vivaldi.

WebKit (
WebKit 85.xSafari
WebKit 100.xSafari 1.11.1
WebKit 125.xSafari 1.21.2
WebKit 312.xSafari
WebKit 412.x–419.xSafari
WebKit 522.x–523.xSafari
WebKit 525.xSafari 3.1, Safari 3.2Safari 3.2.x
WebKit 526.x–533.16, 533.17.8, 533.18.5, 533.19.4Safari 4.0 β, Safari 4.0Safari 4.0
WebKit 533.16, 533.17.8, 533.18.5, 533.19.4, 533.20–534.59Safari 5.0Safari 5.0.x
WebKit 536–537.73.11, 537.78.2, 537.85.17Safari 6.0Safari 6.0.x
WebKit 537.71, 537.73.11, 537.75.14, 537.76.4, 537.77.4, 537.78.2, 537.85.17Safari 7.0Safari 7.0.x
WebKit 538.35.8–600.7.12Safari 8.0Safari 8.0.x
WebKit 601.1.56–601.7.8Safari 9.0Safari 9.0.x
WebKit 602.1.50–602.4.8Safari 10.0Safari 10.0.x
WebKit 603.1.30–603.3.8Safari 10.1Safari 10.1.x
WebKit ?–?Safari 11.0Safari 11.1.2
WebKit ?–?Safari 12.0Safari 12.1.2

Identifying Browser Engines

There are a few principles a designer should consider when trying to identify browser engines:

A sample browser sniffer exists which applies the above principles.


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