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Synopsis: this page lists those fonts listed in the Resources ⮞ Fonts ⮞ Metrics page which come in all 9 weights.

Note: you may have other rich fonts installed, but they will not be listed if they do not appear in the Resources ⮞ Fonts ⮞ Metrics page.

Note: this page will appear very, very slowly, because much JavaScript must be executed, and many embedded fonts must be downloaded; Chrome-based browsers were particularily slow when this was written, in Dec 2017.

Note: unlike most Browser News pages, this page is starkly plain, with minimal styling, partly to illustrate the points more clearly, but mainly to make it easier to compare browsers: viewing this page with several browsers and/or configurations at the same time makes the browsers’ basic differences clearer.

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Richest Fonts

Fonts which come in all 9 weights include: