Windows 10 User Interface Fonts, Sizes, and Weights

Windows has traditionally offered a Control Panel menu for configuring the fonts, sizes, and weights of certain Windows user interface fonts. The menu had several names, including Advanced sizing of text and other items, and allowed users to configure these six categories of fonts:

This menu was typically used by those with visual accuity disabilities to make these fonts easier to read.

In the Windows 10 2017 Fall Creators Update, however, Microsoft reset these fonts, sizes, and weights to their default values — reducing many users’ font sizes and weights — and also removed the menu used to configure them. This is a very serious defect for the millions of people who, like this author, suffer from visual ac­cuity problems, who need larger font sizes or weights to use Windows effortlessly.

A number of work-arounds have been developed to circumvent this new Windows 10 defect. Three work-arounds are:

This author has used the first of these work-arounds.


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