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This gives information about the menu, possible surprises, viewing documents, and browser issues for our team site.

If you haven’t used this site before, see the special report for new users.

If you can’t find what you are looking for here, see the Resources Help Page, which offers a FAQ.

The Menu 

Use the gray menu buttons to go to pages in our team site. There are two sets of pages: pages about our team; and pages about our schedule. For details see the site map.

Use the green menu button to go to this site’s resources pages.

Possible Surprises 

Here are some things you may not expect:

  • Upcoming Games : when a tournament is coming, the tournament name appears in the list of upcoming events, but its games normally do not; instead the name is a link to a special page with all tournament details, including the list of games. There is an option to change this.
  • Calendar and What’s Up Pages : these may be wider than most pages; this makes it easier to read text within their calendars.
  • Printing : the page masthead, menus, and decorative graphics are not printed, and everthing is printed in black and white as much as possible. This reduces print costs. For details, see “Why don’t printed pages look like displayed pages?”.
  • Browser Update Notices : at the bottom of the News page you may see a notice about a browser update which you can (or should) get. For details, see the FAQ “Why am I being told about a browser update?

Viewing Documents 

Sometimes information is provided in documents instead of in web pages, for example as Word (DOC) or Adobe Reader (PDF) files. To learn how to view such documents, see “How do I view documents which my PC cannot read?”.

Browser Issues 

Older versions of browsers have uncorrected security defects that put you at risk, so you should always make sure you have the latest version. For more information about this, see Browser News - Why Update?.

This team site works with all common browsers, but not with antique browsers like Internet Explorer 5. This site works best with the most modern browsers.

JavaScript must be enabled for many pages to work properly. Information on how to enable JavaScript is available.


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