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Toronto City Blues Tournament

Toronto City Blues Tournament We played in the Feb 5-7 Toronto City Blues “Escape the Blues” Tournament, winning 2nd place after losing the final game in overtime.

This page lists the teams playing, the schedule and results, and the locations of the games.

Teams Playing 

The teams playing included: Duffield Devils, Mississauga North Stars, North York Knights, P.K. Warrior, Seaway Valley Rapids, Toronto City Blues, Toronto Eagles, Toronto East Enders Ti-cats.

Schedule and Results 

Our schedule and results are:

February 2010
5 F 9:15am T
vs North York Knights
Win 6–3
5 F 4:15pm T
vs Duffield Devils
Tie 2–2
6 Sa 10:35am T
vs Seaway Valley Rapids
Lose 2–3
7 Su 8:30am T
vs Toronto East Enders
Win 5–3
7 Su 1:25pm T
vs Seaway Valley Rapids
Lose 3–4


Games were played at:


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