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Map Sites

These sites offer maps:

North Star Sites

These sites are run by the Mississauga North Stars Hockey Club:

Note : the above list doesn’t include North Stars team sites, which are listed on the Team Sites page.

GTHL Hockey Clubs

See the GTHL website for links for the other GTHL member clubs:

  • Amesbury Sports Club
  • Avalanche Minor Sports
  • Don Mills Flyers
  • Downsview Beavers
  • Duffield Sports Club (Duffield Devils)
  • East Enders Ticats
  • Etobicoke Canucks
  • Goulding Park Rangers
  • Hillcrest Canadians
  • Humber Valley Sharks
  • Humberview Huskies
  • Leaside Flames
  • Leaside Kings
  • Markham Islanders
  • Markham Majors
  • Mississauga Braves
  • Mississauga Ice Warriors
  • Mississauga Jets
  • Mississauga Rebels
  • Mississauga Reps
  • Mississauga Senators
  • Mississauga Terriers
  • North Toronto
  • North York Knights
  • North York Rangers
  • Scarborough Ice Raiders
  • Scarborough Young Bruins
  • Steetsville Tigers
  • Ted Reeve Thunder
  • Toronto Aces
  • Toronto Aeros
  • Toronto City Blues
  • Toronto Colts
  • Toronto Eagles
  • Toronto Ice Dogs
  • Toronto Junior Canadiens
  • Toronto Marlboros
  • Toronto Nationals
  • Toronto Penguins
  • Toronto Red Wings
  • Toronto Royals
  • Toronto Titans
  • Vaughan Kings
  • Vaughan Panthers
  • Vaughan Rangers
  • West Hill Golden Hawks
  • West Mall Lightning
  • Willowdale Blackhawks
  • York Toros

Selected Youth Hockey Clubs

These are youth hockey clubs of special interest to us:

Other Hockey Sites

These are other hockey sites of interest:

Other Sites

These are sites not associated with hockey organizations:


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