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SPECIAL REPORT : 2010/2011 Changes

Some significant changes have been made to my North Stars team site(s) for the 2010/2011 season. Changes were made to:

Note : many of these changes were made to the 2009/2010 Atom team site near the end of its season, however, people might not have noticed them.

Important note for new users : if you have never used a Mississauga North Stars team site made by Chuck Upsdell, you should read the special report for new users before you read the rest of this page.

All Pages

These changes have been made to all pages for 2010/2011:

  • Pages work with mobile devices such as smartphones, but only for devices with sufficiently capable browsers. See SPECIAL REPORT : Mobile Devices for details.

  • Pointing to the top left corner of any page — where it says “Mississauga North Stars Hockey Club : Team Sites” — instead reveals “Mississauga North Stars Hockey Club => Club Site”, which becomes a link to the club site. Note : JavaScript must be enabled for this link to work.

Team Pages

Additional changes have been made in team sites:

  • News Page : an option has been added which affects how the news appears. Tournament games normally don’t appear in the list of upcoming events: instead the tournaments are listed, and you must click on a tournament name to see its schedule. The option added allows individual tournament games to be listed in the list of upcoming events instead of the tournament names. To control this option, see the User Options page.

  • News Page : the list of upcoming events has been enhanced to work better in the off-season: previously the page listed the events for the coming 10 days; in mid-2010 this was changed so that, if there is no event scheduled in the next 10 days, the page will instead list the next two scheduled events, even if these events are far in the future.

  • Mobile News Page : this page was added. It is optimized for mobile devices such as smartphones, but again only for devices with sufficiently capable browsers. This page lists the same news bulletins and coming events as appear on the team site’s News page, plus the same contact information as appears on the team site’s Contacts page. The Mobile News page will download half as much as the News page does: this makes it load faster, and also reduces costs for those who must pay more for the amount downloaded.

  • Calendar Pages : an option has been added which affects how the Calendar appears. Normally the calendar lists days which are holy to a few common religions. The option allows the holy days to be omitted. To control this option, see the User Options page.

  • Calendar Pages : the default for mobile devices is now List Mode; the default for PCs continues to be Calendar Mode.

  • Calendar Pages : the calendar for the Minor Peewee team has been made a public calendar, with some events removed, moved to a new private calendar [details…].

  • Calendar Pages : a new type of event has been added for celebrations such as birthdays and parties; events appear with text on an orange background.

  • Confidential Page : a submenu has been added near the top right of the page which lets the user go to password pages, e.g. to the new Private Calendar.

  • Games Page : the Season Record section now has a graphical summary of the team’s tournament record, with gold, silver, and bronze trophies to indicate how many times the team were winners, finalists, and semi-finalists. This has alse been added to the What’s Up page.

  • What’s Up Page : more checks for scheduling problems have been added to the Conflicts section.

  • What’s Up Page : messages in the Conflicts section have been made clearer and more detailed.

  • What’s Up Page : at the end of the season, the News, Upcoming Events, and Conflicts will be removed from this page.

  • All Pages : a very minor decorative feature of the resources pages — a randomly selected image of a celestial object appearing at the bottom right edge of each page — now also appears on team pages.

Resource Pages

Some changes have been made in this section of the site, which offers information useful to all teams:

  • User Options Page : this page — and a menu item which goes to it — were added to enable people to control certain aspects of how the site works. Browser cookies must be enabled so that the choices can be saved. For details see the User Options page.

  • Special Reports : several reports have been added:

  • Help Page : the FAQs have been expanded, and have also been reörganized by subject to make it easier to find information.

  • Tournaments Page : this was one of the Special Reports, but has been promoted and given its own menu item.


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