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SPECIAL REPORT : 2011/2012 Changes

Some significant changes have been made to my North Stars team site(s) for the 2011/2012 season. Changes were made to:

Note : many of these changes were made to the 2010/2011 Minor Peewee team site near the end of its season, however, people might not have noticed the changes.

Important note for new users : if you have never used a Mississauga North Stars team site made by Chuck Upsdell, read the special report for new users before you read the rest of this page.

All Pages

These changes have been made to all pages for 2011/2012:

  • Internet Explorer 5 : the site isn’t tested with Internet Explorer 5, which Microsoft no longer supports.

  • Sidebars : better browsers show sidebars with rounded borders instead of rectangular borders.

Team Pages

Additional changes have been made in team sites:

  • News Page : if you point to a date in the list of news items or upcoming events, the full date, including the day of the week, will appear. For example, if the date is Jan 19, 2011, and that day is a Wednesday, the phrase “Wednesday, January 19, 2011” will pop up.

  • News and Calendar Pages : when pointing to links, the links will become green, just like all other links on the site; this fixes a bug wherein links were sometimes blue when pointed to.

  • Games Page : the barcharts showing the season record are taller and slimmer.

  • Calendar Page : to make the calendar work better with smaller tablets, it now defaults to List Mode if the display width is 750px or less.

  • What’s Up Page : some season stats have been added to this page.

  • All Pages : times of events are now listed with “AM” and “PM” instead of “am” and “pm”.

Resource Pages

Some changes have been made in this section of the site, which offers information useful to all teams:

  • Mobile Devices : this special report now has information about use of this site with tablet PCs.


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