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Mobile Compatible SPECIAL REPORT : Mobile Devices

Newer parts of this site may be viewed using mobile devices such as cellphones and tablets. Browsers supported include modern versions of Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Opera Mini, and Safari.

Caution: the mobile device may have a browser installed simply named Browser. This is often out of date and never updated, so you should instead use one of the name-brand browsers.

There are three classes of mobile devices:

  • Devices with very capable browsers and large screens, on which the whole site works just as it does on desktop PCs, though perhaps with shrunken text and images.
  • Devices with very capable browsers and with screens 480 pixels wide (or smaller), on which the whole site works, but with simplified menus, shrunken text and images, and with large images omitted.
  • Devices with primitive browsers or tiny screens, on which most of the site is either unusable or appears in a simplified mode.

Starting in 2010, the home page of each team site has an icon like this:

Mobile Page

Clicking on such an icon goes to a simplified page which has recent news items, upcoming events, and coach contact information. This page is especially useful for the third class of mobile devices, because this page works well even for primitive browsers and tiny screens.


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