Georgetown Baseball Association • 2008 Major Peewee AAA


OUR TEAM : Photos

This page has photos from our tournaments and other special events:

Click a thumbnail to see an enlarged version; click an enlargement to hide it; click another thumbnail to switch to its enlargement.

Windsor Weekend

Note: headshots of coaches and players appear on the password protected Confidential page.

Note: some may wonder why some photos appear in the gallery, and many others do not. There are several reasons. First, preparing a photo for the web takes a lot of time, so it is only feasible to post a few photos. Second, photos are unsuitable if their quality is poor or the main subject is too small. Third, some types of photos are simply too common, e.g. photos of pitchers or batters, so only the most striking would be considered. Finally, sports photos are more interesting when they are action shots with good colour and a clean background, and few photos are like this.


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