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What’s in a Name?

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet
William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

Some people may wonder why the name for a diamond or other location is not what they expect: for example, why this site refers to a diamond as Sue Starkey instead of Mississauga Valley or The Valleys.

The fundamental problem is that some locations are known by several names or have names which are ambiguous, and this site tries to avoid confusion by using a single, unique name for each location. A rose by another name would smell as sweet, but a location with a confusing name could be hard to find.

Examples of variations in names are:

  • Brampton’s Sesquicentennial Park was once named Bramalea Countryside Park.
  • Georgetown’s Gellert Community Park was once named Georgetown South Community Centre, and sometimes is referred to as Georgetown South.
  • Georgetown’s Fairgrounds Diamond 1 has also been referred to as Fairgrounds Diamond A.
  • Mississauga’s Sue Starkey is often called Mississauga Valley or The Valleys.
  • Mississauga’s Bloor Athletic Field is sometimes called Applewood or Bloor.
  • Mississauga’s Quenippenon Park #1 is usually called Q1.
  • Oakville’s Bronte Athletic Park is often referred to as Bronte Park.
  • Oakville’s River Oaks Youth has also been referred to as Riveroaks North or River Oaks North.

Sometimes people use several names for a location because the original name was changed: e.g. from Bramalea Countryside Park to Sesquicentennial Park. Sometimes people use several names due to carelessness: e.g. River Oaks Youth and Riveroaks Youth. And sometimes people use several names because the proper name is awkward or poorly known: e.g. Gellert 1 and Gellert Community Park Diamond #1.

This site tries to use either the official name, or the most common name.

Sometimes this site uses a correct but relatively unknown name because it is less ambiguous: for example, Sue Starkey is less ambiguous than Mississauga Valley, because the Mississauga Valley Community Centre has three diamonds, so Mississauga Valley could denote any of the three. Similarly, Bronte Athletic Park is less ambiguous than Bronte Park, because places named Bronte Park and Bronte Meadows Park also exist, but Bronte Park has no diamond, and Bronte Meadows Park is in a different town.

Sometimes the name of a location is unknown, so I just coined a descriptive name: for example, the name of the northernmost diamond at the Mississauga Valley Community Centre is unknown, so I have simply labelled it Mississauga Valley Diamond #1.

Changing a name used by this site is very difficult if the location has already been used for events, since changing the name might cause older references to break, e.g. to no longer be associated with a map. It is easier to change a name which has not yet been used.


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