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Minor Peewee 2006  MississaugaMajors

The Team

This lists the coaches and players, and presents a message from the head coach.

The Team

Coaches and Players 

The coaches and players in 2006 were:


Ron Burke#40  Ron Burke, Head Coach

Stan Windsor#77  Stan Windsor, Assistant Coach

John Harland#20  John Harland, Assistant Coach

John Grilli#19  John Grilli, Assistant Coach


  • #01  Robert
  • #03  Ryan
  • #09  Daniel
  • #11  Jaimer
  • #12  JJ
  • #13  Casey
  • #14  Steven
  • #15  Michael W
  • #21  Stuart
  • #25  Michael C
  • #32  Denver
  • #51  Scott

A Message From The Head Coach 

I am pleased to take this opportunity to welcome you to the 2006 Minor Peewee AAA team of the Mississauga Major Baseball Association. You should be proud of yourselves and welcome this great opportunity and experience.

Playing at the AAA level requires a big commitment and responsibility from both parents and players. Please make a conscientious effort to arrive on time for games and practices, to be ready and eager to play, and to continue to learn and improve. Most important, we want to build a team: teamwork will be the key to a successful season.

We will play about 25 league games, and we intend to participate in four tournaments. I appreciate the sacrifices that families make to ensure that their sons' full participation is a priority. We will spend a lot of time together throughout the summer and we will build strong friendships between players and parents, which makes it a time to look forward to for everyone.

You will notice that our complete schedule is posted on this website, which will make it easier for families to plan ahead. You will also notice that maps are posted to all the diamonds where we will play.

Thank you for your coöperation and commitment to your son and our team.

Ron Burke