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Major Midget AAA 2008 (Grey Team)

This is the website for the Mississauga Majors’ 2008 Major Midget (Grey) AAA baseball team.

The 2008 season is over, so this site is no longer being updated, but visitors can still browse the site to learn about the team and its accomplishments. Visitors can also check out the sites of other Majors teams. Note : because this site is no longer being updated, links to external sites will break if these other sites disappear or reörganize.

This was the last year in which most of the boys played for the Majors: most graduated from high school and moved on to other things.

This team played fewer games than normal this year, because the season was very wet: many games were rained out and could not be replayed.

The team had a good season when playing regular games, winning 62% of these games. The team was less successful, however, at exhibition and tournament games. The game results appear on the Games page.