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Newmarket Baseball AssociationSPECIAL REPORT
Newmarket Silver Bat Tournament

We played in an Aug 1-3 tournament hosted by the Newmarket Hawks.

This page lists the teams playing, the schedule and results, and the locations of the games.

Teams Playing 

The teams playing in this tournament were:

  • Group A: North Toronto A’s (AAA), North York Blues, Riverside, Scarborough Stingers
  • Group B: Newmarket Hawks, North Toronto A’s (AA), Oshawa ???, Whitby Chiefs
  • Group C: Etobicoke Titans, Markham Mariners, Mississauga Majors, North Toronto Green Sox

Schedule and Results 

Our schedule and results were:

Date/Time     DetailsResult
2008 Aug 1 Fri 6:00pm T vs Etobicoke Titans Lose 3-10
    2 Sat 8:30am T vs North Toronto Green Sox Win 27-2
    2 Sat 1:30pm T vs Markham Mariners Win 12-7
    3 Sun 9:00am T vs Oshawa Lose 5-15


Games were played at: