This gives information about us, including a list of the coaches and players.

About Us 

We were the Mississauga Majors 2009 baseball team for élite players born in 1998.

The Mississauga Majors Baseball Association (MMBA) runs youth baseball in east Mississauga [map...], in Ontario, Canada. The MMBA runs T-ball, rookie ball, and girls softball teams, as well as A (house league), AA (select), and AAA (rep) hardball teams. For information about other MMBA teams, see the MMBA website.

Coaches and Players 

The coaches and players in 2009 were:


  • Steve Small

    #27  Steve Small, Head Coach
  • Bob Ciprovski

    #04  Bob Ciprovski, Manager
  • Chris Glover

    #38  Chris Glover, Assistant Coach
  • Jamie Slaney

    #12  Jamie Slaney, Assistant Coach


  • #02  Ethan
  • #05  Ben
  • #07  Tyler
  • #09  Sean
  • #10  Audric
  • #11  Ryan
  • #16  Kasimir
  • #21  Brendan
  • #45  Rashad
  • #71  Alexander
  • #87  Austin


Note: more details about the coaches and players can be found on the Confidential Information page.