Set News Alert

Set Alert Message

1. Alert Date
2. Expiry Date
3. Title (optional)
4. Message
5. Set Alert
6. Check Results
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Use the TAB key to go from field to field, not the ENTER key.

There can be only one news alert at a time.

A news alert must be plain unformatted text: more complex items must be posted by the webmaster. Note : a news alert message would normally have just one paragraph, but the message may comprise several paragraphs.

When no message currently exists, the above form will enable you to create a new message.

When a message already exists, the form will enable you to edit that message: if you want to create a new message to replace the current message, click the button labelled “Reset Form for New Message”.

When you create a new message, the message date will initially be set to today’s date, and the expiry date will initially be set to tomorrow’s date. This is suitable for a message which should appear only today, but of course you can change the dates. Note : the expiry date is the first day when the message will no longer appear; for example, if you set the expiry date to July 1, the message will not appear on (or after) July 1.

If you try to set an invalid day number, the number will be changed to the last day of the month: for example if you set the month to February, then select day 31, the day will automatically change to either 28 or 29, depending on whether it is a leap year.

If you set a message date which is in the past or future, a note saying this will appear beside the date. The date is not necessarily in error, since you are allowed to enter any date you like: the note simply hints that you may have set the wrong date.

If you set an expiry date which is not later than the message date, a cautionary note will appear which says that the expiry date makes the message expired. This is probably not what you intended, and you should reconsider the expiry date which you set.

You cannot set a date which is not in the team calendar. The team calendar typically runs either from (a) January to December of the baseball season, or (b) from September of the previous season to December of the current season.

The title is optional.

The news alert message will not be posted on the website until you click the “Set News Alert” button. Note : if you go to the team’s Home/News page, but the message doesn’t appear, one of two things has happened; either the message is already expired, in which case you probably set the wrong expiry date; or your browser is displaying an old version of the Home/News page, in which case you should click your browser’s “Refresh” button until the news alert message appears.