This gives information about our team, including lists of the coaches and players, and presents a message from the coach.

About Us 

We are the Mississauga Majors 2011 team for elite baseball players born in 2001.

The Mississauga Majors Baseball Association (MMBA) runs youth baseball in east Mississauga [map…], in Ontario, Canada. The MMBA runs T-ball, rookie ball, and girls softball teams, as well as A (house league), AA (select), and AAA (rep) hardball teams. For information about other MMBA teams, see the MMBA website.

Our team plays in the Central Ontario Baseball Association (COBA): our regular games are with COBA teams; exhibition and tournanment games are with teams from across Ontario and the United States.


  • Cary Leon

    44  Cary Leon, Head Coach
  • Chris Currie

    21  Chris Currie, Assistant Coach
  • Tony D’Agostino

    18  Tony D’Agostino, Assistant Coach
  • John Shushkevich

    13  John Shushkevich, Assistant Coach & Manager


  • 03  Giulio D
  • 04  Michael S
  • 07  Eric C
  • 08  Kaz W
  • 09  John N
  • 10  Zachary B
  • 15  Nicholas F
  • 20  Christopher I
  • 32  Austin L
  • 34  Brett C
  • 40  Andrew E
  • 71  Nicolas D


Note: contact information for the coaches may be found on the Contacts page; further details about the coaches and players can be found on the Confidential page.

A Message from The Coach 

Welcome to the website for the Mississauga Majors’ 2011 AAA Minor Mosquito team, a team for players born in 2001. This season we will compete in the Central Ontario Baseball Association (COBA): we will be competing in 7 tournaments, including the COBA playoffs and the Ontario championships. We expect to play about 50 games this season, including exhibition and regular season games, plus the 7 sets of tournament games.

This is the second season for our team, and I look forward to building a very competitive team as we grow together. We have a very experienced and enthusiastic group of coaches, a highly talented group of players, and a super group of parents. I am sure that this season will be a memorable step on a great journey together.

Cary Leon,
Head Coach