SPECIAL REPORT : Site Changes for 2009

Some significant changes have been made to my Majors team sites for the 2009 season. Changes were made to:

Please eMail me if you encounter any problems: I made major changes to the code, and although I tested the changes thoroughly, something may have slipped through, especially if your PC is unexpectedly different.

All Pages

Changes have been made in all pages for 2009:

  • The font size has changed to make the text easier to read. Many people will find that the text is now a bit larger; some may find that it is too large. For details, see the FAQ.

  • You can now choose the page style, if your browser supports this. “Style 2004” has a sapphire masthead, a ruby horizontal menu, and a silver left vertical menu; “Style 2007” has a ruby masthead and horizontal menu, and a silver vertical menu; “Style 2008” has a ruby masthead and horizontal menu, and a sapphire vertical menu. For details, see the FAQ. You can click on these thumbnails to see how pages look with each style.

    Style 2004  Style 2007  Style 2008

    This feature requires that JavaScript and cookies be enabled so that the style you choose will be honoured when you change pages.

    Note : Style 2004 and Style 2007 are a bit different from past years, with larger logos, and with the stylized word ‘Majors’ moved to the right end of the masthead.

  • All pages have been made more friendly to browsers in handheld devices, but the appearance of pages will still depend very much on the features supported by each handheld browser. Browsers for handheld devices are usually poorer — often much poorer — than those for desktop PCs.

Team Sites

Additional changes have been made in each team site for 2009:

  • Each team site now has a “Help” page which gives tips on using the team pages, and a site map for the team pages. The menu item to go to this page is now in the vertical menu, along with the other menu items for the team pages.

  • Each team site now has a “What’s Up” page which has information about what is going on, extracted from other pages: news, upcoming events, the games schedule, the season record, and the calendar.

  • Some team sites have a simpler home page which focuses on news and upcoming events: with these sites, other information which previously appeared on the home page was moved to other pages.

  • Headshots of coaches and players were enlarged to 96x128 pixels, but only when good quality photos were available from which new headshots could be produced. When good quality photos were not available, images sizes were unchanged, so some pages have headshots of two sizes.

  • The menu items in the left vertical menu bar were reördered, and a few new items added, to make the team sites easier to use.

  • The game schedule has been made more compact.

Note : some 2009 changes were also applied to the 2008 sites after the end of the 2008 season.

Other Information

Other changes have been made in this section of the site, which offers information useful to all teams:

  • A Help page has been added which offers a site map and a FAQ.