SPECIAL REPORT : Site Changes for 2011

Some significant changes have been made to my Majors team sites for the 2011 season. Changes were made to:

Note : some changes were also applied to selected 2010 sites after the end of the 2010 season.

Important Note for New Users : if you have never used a Mississauga Majors team site made by Chuck Upsdell, you should read the special report titled New Users before you read the rest of this page.

Important Note for Mobile Users : an increasing number of phones have browsers capable of working with this website. Those interested in using this site with a mobile browser should read the special report titled Mobile Devices.

Important Note About the MMBA Site : the MMBA redesigned its website in early 2011, breaking most links to it; most links from older sites to the MMBA site were therefore broken, so will no longer work.

All Pages

Changes have been made in all pages for 2011:

  • The default page style is now Style 2008 for all team sites: in previous years some team sites defaulted to Style 2004. People may still select any style. For details about page styles and how to select them, see How do I set the page style?.

  • Sidebars have rounded borders instead of rectangular borders: but only in better browsers.

Team Sites

Additional changes have been made in each team site for 2011:

  • Home/News Page

    If you point to a date in the list of news items or upcoming events, the full date, including the day of the week, will appear. For example, if the date is Jan 19, 2011, and that day is a Wednesday, the phrase “Wednesday, January 19, 2011” will pop up.

  • Help Page

    The menu no longer has a link to the Help page; this page, however, is still accessible via a link near the bottom of the News page.

  • Games Page

    The barcharts showing the season record are taller.

  • Calendar Page

    The font size was reduced for Style 2004 and Style 2007 to match the font size for Style 2008. This corrects a bug, as the sizes were supposed to be the same. (For details about the Styles, see the FAQ How do I set the page style?.)

    A new type of event has been added for celebrations such as parties; events appear with text on an orange background.

    To make the calendar work better with smaller tablets, it now defaults to List Mode if the display width is 750px or less.

  • What’s Up Page

    The messages in the Conflicts section have been made clearer and more detailed.

    A new section giving Season Stats has been added, organized together with the existing Season Summary.

  • All Pages

    Times of events are now listed with “AM” and “PM” instead of “am” and “pm”. Also, when it doesn’t compromise formatting, minutes of events are omitted when zero.


Other changes have been made in this section of the site, which offers information useful to all teams:

  • Overview Page

    The Overview page has been renamed to Team Sites. All the menus have been updated to match this. This change was made because the new name more clearly describes what information the page has.

  • Help Page

    The Help page has been renamed to Help/FAQ. All the menus have been updated to match this. This change was made to remind people of the extensive FAQ which this page offers.

  • Special Report : Mobile Devices

    This now has information about use of this site with tablet PCs.