Toronto Titans Hockey

Minor Bantam AAA  •  2007–2008

Wonderland Tournament
Aug 17-19, 2007

CCHA Sports

The Teams

The teams playing were:

  • Jr. Buzzers, Jr. Habs, North American, PPI, St. Clair Shores Saints, Titans, USA Cyclones

Game Schedule and Results

Game     OpponentLocationResult
2007 Aug 17 Fri 11:45am T St. Clair Shores Ice Gardens York University E Win 2-0
    17 Fri 4:15pm T PPI Vaughan Sports Village A Lose 1-7
    18 Sat 12:55pm T Jr Buzzers Westwood 2 Lose 0-7
    18 Sat 4:30pm T USA Cyclones Westwood 3 Lose 0-10

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